Take Control of Money Workshop

Are you stressed about money?

Would you like to just have more money than you currently have?

Do you need help making better financial decisions?

Do you want more financial freedom than you currently have?

Financial education and literacy have become hot topics for the simple reason that many Canadians are not well equipped with the financial knowledge to make good decisions about money.

Did you know . . .

  • 55% of people are stressed about money?
  • 42% of Canadians lack basic financial literacy
  • 70% of people live paycheque to paycheque
  • debt is rising faster that income and assets
  • 2009 had the highest number of personal bankruptcies in history (up 28.4%)
  • Financial problems are the leading causes of stress, yet very little is done to address these critical issues. Times like these remind us to remember some core philosophies about wealth and money. It’s all about taking control of your money and your life and taking the necessary actions to improve your financial health.

Take Control of Money Workshop

Join Financial Expert, speaker, author and columnist Jim Yih for answers on how you can become more financially savvy. This program is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a general financial planning workshop that teaches you how to make better financial decisions by developing what Jim calls the 7 Habits of Wealthy People.

In this entertaining, enlightening workshop, you will learn:

  • Jim’s top financial tips to help take control of money
  • Practical ideas on how to measure your financial fitness
  • How to get ahead financially and stay ahead financially
  • How to develop healthy financial habits
  • How to battle the psychology of money that can prevent you from getting more wealth
  • The best place to save money
  • The biggest financial problem people face
  • Why so many people have a bad case of retirement anxiety
  • How to save extra dollars a day
  • How to control and reduce the burden of debt
  • How to become more successful at investing
  • The proper use of Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs)
  • The role of Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA)
  • When you need life insurance and when you won’t
  • The basics of estate planning
  • How to work better with financial advisors
  • How to program your mind to have more financial wellness in your life.

Jim is recognized as one of Canada’s leading experts on prudent wealth accumulation. Jim’s personal financial success is one that is simply based on practice what you preach.

Jim is not a licensed financial advisor and does not have a client practice. He does not solicit clients to sell financial products in his workshops. He prides himself in providing objective education. His focus is simply to provide sound, objective education in a fashion that people understand. His goal is to educate, entertain and inspire people to a better life.

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Learning About the 7 Habits of Wealthy People

Take Control of Money Workshop uses Jim’s 7 habits of Wealthy People as the basis for learning about financial literacy.  This course is ideal for any organization that recognizes and promotes WELLNESS as a integral part of the workplace.  The 7 Habits of Wealthy People teaches people how to develop healthier financial habits as part of an overall wellness strategy or philosophy.

Far too often, the financial industry is focused on selling products like mutual funds, RRSPs, insurance or credit cards.  True financial wellness is not about products but more about education, strategies, advice and just developing healthy financial habits.

What people have said about Jim and the Take Control of Money Workshop

Grande Prairie Regional College has had Jim Yih provide financial and retirement planning workshops to employees at our different campuses. Our staff and faculty value the opportunity to learn from an independent advisor and Jim’s depth of knowledge and logical approach ensures that his workshops are always well received. Jim provides real life scenarios that can assist everyone from individuals who are close to retirement and also those individuals just starting to think about planning for the future. Having the chance to learn from Jim is an opportunity your employees will always appreciate.

– Marina Chondros, HR & Professional Development Advisor, GPRC

Jim Yih is exactly what we had been looking for for several years – an independent, qualified financial advisor with gifted presentation skills offering a full-day seminar on retirement planning for our employees. The content is thought-provoking and relevant to a wide spectrum of people with different degrees of financial preparedness and understanding. There is no pushing of financial products and no pumping of financial ideology. Instead, Jim presents a down-to-earth, practical, honest framework for retirement planning which balances financial and lifestyle issues. The feedback from our employees was overwhelmingly positive from both blue and white collar, such that we have decided to roll out this program company-wide. Although initially some employees were hesitant to give up a full Saturday, every one of them was thrilled in the end that they attended. Not only does the seminar give people much-needed information, but it is also a great employee relations event.

– by Lori Klingbeil, Manager Pensions and Retirement Planning, Sherritt Intl Corporation

Jim puts on a fantastic workshop. He shares his knowledge about money, taxes, pensions and investments. He helped me understand a very complex subject through logic and an easy to understand approach.

– Velma McCombie 2011
I truly enjoyed your workshop. The information that you provided was extremely beneficial for planning my retirement and answered the questions that I had always wondered about. My only regret is that I wish I had attended this session ten years ago. Your presentation was very easy to understand and entertaining to attend.

I would fully endorse attending one of your workshops whether it be for retirement or financial planning, you will be on the right road to your future success.

– Jake Knudslien 2011
Jim’s Take Control of Your Money workshop is exactly what everyone needs to hear to get smart with our personal finances. He has a wonderful ability to share and communicate his knowledge in an easy to understand format.

– Katie Gould 2011
Even thought I have a solid base of financial knowledge, I got so many great ideas and light bulb moments from Jim’s session.