<p>Due to the success of Jim's Financial Education Programs, Jim is now highly involved in group retirement consulting where he helps companies design, implement and manage group retirement plans like <a href="http://clearpointbenefits.com/group-retirement-savings-plans/group-rrsp-plans/" target="_blank">Group RRSPs</a>, <a href="http://clearpointbenefits.com/group-retirement-savings-plans/defined-contribution-pension-plan/" target="_blank">Defined Contribution Pension Plans</a> (DCPP) and Deferred Profit Sharing Plans (DPSPs).</p><h2>Helping Employers and their employees</h2><p>As a managing partner of Clearpoint Benefit Solutions, Jim is proud to provide <a href="http://clearpointbenefits.com/group-retirement-savings-plans/what-does-a-pension-consultant-or-broker-do/" target="_blank">Group retirement consulting services</a>.  Between 70% and 80% of all employers have a Employee Benefit program with group insurance, medical and dental type benefits.  Only 60% of all employers have a Group RRSP or Pension Plan in place.  Typically a Group RRSP or Pension plan is used to enhance a benefit program to help attract, retain and reward great employees.
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<p style="text-align: left;">For more information on how Jim's group retirement consulting and how he can help design, implement and manage a Group RRSP or pension plan, visit the <a href="http://clearpointbenefits.com/" target="_blank">Clearpoint Benefits website</a></p>