Fee only Testimonials

What others have said about my services?

“The time and money we spent with Jim was very well spent. We have given several people a referral to Jim because his services have been excellent, his advice has saved us money, and we will be much better
prepared for retirement due to his expertise. I’m all sold on Jim! He was exactly what we were looking for, and gave us more than we expected.”

– Michael and Faith Watson, Edmonton

“Jim’s ‘fee only’ service should actually be called ‘peace of mind’ service. There is no fee or price that can be put on peace of mind and that is what I received after meeting with Jim. He is very astute and spoke to me in terms I understand. After reviewing my specific financial circumstances he provided me with very useful advice, direction and referrals. This is the best information I have ever received. A ‘must do’ experience.”

– Alison Lievers, Calgary

“Thank you so much for our fee only planning meeting. We came away with great information and more importantly understanding and knowledge about our future. Thanks for taking the time to explain thoroughly any questions or inquiries that we had.”

– Jim and Debbie Dymianiw, Calgary

“Jim is exceptional. Not only does he know his stuff but he also has anamazing ability to communicate complex issues easily. I learned more in an hour and a half with Jim that the past 5 years with my financial advisor.”

– Bill and Sandy Jackson, Edmonton area

“Our meeting with Jim was so enlightening. It’s great to get informed feedback about our strategy and we feel much more empowered to be proactively involved in our financial decision making from here on out. What a great feeling!”

– Shannon Haszard