Fee Only Planning Services

The Unconventional Advisor

casual by bookshelf 200x275 webI’m unconventional because I don’t sell mutual funds, stocks, life insurance or other financial products. Instead, I sell financial education and advice. I don’t want you to give me all your money to invest and blindly trust that I am going to manage it effectively. I want you to learn how to engage in your affairs because the reality is NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR MONEY MORE THAN YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR MONEY!

If you want to sit down with me and get my advice and get direction about how to manage your money, I’ll be happy to do that. You just have to pay me for my time, my knowledge and my expertise. I’d love to help you but you have to want the help first and be sure that I will make you work and I’ll ask tough questions.

I guarantee you that you’ll get your money’s worth. In fact, I have never had a client where I did not make back the fee they paid me and more by helping them reduce the fees on their investments, recognize tax savings strategies, create more efficiency with their financial assets, recognize where financial products are more sizzle than substance, and more.

My goal is not to sell you financial products. My goal is to make a difference. Here’s my motto “Give someone a fish and they eat for a day. Teach someone how to fish and they eat for a lifetime”.

Fee Only Planning Services

In terms of my individual retirement planning services, I simply work on a fee only basis. In other words, I do not sell product or manage portfolios like most financial advisors work. As a result, my advice and work is more objective. I offer three different options for my fee-only services:

1. Single Meeting

I charge $395 for the initial consultation, which is an hour and a half. In that hour and a half, you can ask any questions you want and we can have some good discussions about RRSPs, investing, tax, debt, retirement or other aspects of personal finance. If there is specific work to be done after the meeting, my fee is $295 per hour depending on the type of work needed.

Web Meeting option – For those of you that are not based in Edmonton, we can meet over the web using web conferencing technology. If you have an Internet connection and a webcam, we can have a meeting over the web even though we are not physically in the same location. I charge the same $395 for a 1.5-hour consultation.

2. Retirement Income Plan

If you are looking to put together a retirement plan, the other option is to book a 1.5-hour to 2 hour meeting. In that meeting, we will start the process of developing a plan by inputting data together into a spreadsheet and making notes together. This spreadsheet is the same spreadsheet I teach about in my retirement workshops and the book 10 things I wish Someone Told Me About Retirement.  The retirement Income Plan service is very comprehensive and specifically geared to people that want to know if they have enough for retirement by developing a retirement income strategy.  After the meeting, I will analyze the information and finalize the plan and send you copies of the spreadsheet as well as the notes from the meeting.  This service costs $795 total, which includes the meetings, the notes, the spreadsheet as well as my time before and after the meeting.

3. Quick questions

Sometimes I get people that have questions that will not take 1.5 hours or even 1 hour.  For a 30 minute phone call or web call to answer some easier one off questions, the cost is $195 for a 30 minute call.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

I have never had a client that has been disappointed with the outcome of our meeting. I’ve been able to help every client recoup their fee with tax savings, reduction of fees or just pure peace of mind. As a result, I provide a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. If you are not happy with my help, then I won’t charge you.

More information

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