We are heading into the holiday season and it is always busy for everyone.

Trying to get your message to people becomes increasingly harder because of the increased stimulus in the market place.  Here’s three quick tips for marketing during the busy holiday season:

  • Keep your messages short and meaningful – Less is more.  People are busy and long emails or pitches will often get tosses.  Keep subject lines between 10-25 characters in length, concentrating on words that will encourage your customers to take action.  Really focus on your use of words.
  • Make it personal – Rather than blast something out to everyone, try to create customized messages for target groups of people.  Try to segment your list of contacts based on any number of different criteria.  Pick a group of people that have bought the same product or service in the past 6 months and delivery a special message for them.  Or maybe you have your top clients, why not create a special just for your best clients.  However you choose to differentiate, differentiate.  Your customers will appreciate the personal touch.
  • Plan a Sending Schedule – Sending messages at the right time is just as important as sending the right message.  I’ve struggled with this on Twitter because Twitter messages are not that sticky.  For example, If may be better to send messages in the morning for early birds who get up early to get things done.  How many people check emails and messages at lunch break?  I’ve noticed that twitter activity picks up around lunch time so some people like to do some reading then.  Create a well thought out sending schedule that incorporates the day of the month, the day of the week and even the time of day.  Make a schedule and stick to it.  (Don’t forget to analyze your campaign later to see what was most effective).

Although these message tips might be timely for the holiday season, they are also great tips no matter what time of year it is!  Happy Marketing.

About Jim Yih

As a professional financial speaker, best selling author, columnist and financial expert, Jim is passionate about financial education and helping people make better decisions with money. Jim’s 20 years of experience in the financial industry helps people demystify investing, retirement, and personal finance. His passion is seen in his relentless development of financial education tools, resources and products including audio CDs and software programs. Jim spends most of his time helping employers and employees by bringing financial education into the workplace as a complement to existing benefit and wellness programs.