Know Your Financial Advisor ( is planning to become Canada’s largest online directory of financial advisors with over 80,000 names.  According to their website, “You’ll be able to read reviews, communicate, and get to know more about advisors and their industry.”  They hope to match people who are looking for advisors with to the right advisor for them.  Do you think this will work?

To me, this concept of matching advisors and clients is not entirely new.  For example, I’ve worked with or They too, tried to match advisors with potential clients.  Obviously the approach and strategy might be different but the basic concept is the same.

Another startup company called also hopes to make a mark in the same niche.  Their website says “TrueBlue Connect is on a mission to connect investors with the expertise they need to reach their financial and personal goals. There are many kinds of financial experts, so we have designed a service that will match each investor with a Financial Advisor who has the right training, background and personal experience for that investor.  We believe every investor deserves a great Advisor. Let us help you find yours – at no cost to you.”

When I talked to Liz Metcalfe of TrueBlue Connect, she used the metaphor of an online dating site for advisors and investors.

My two cents

I think the concept is intersting and it beceomes more relevant as technology becomes the primary way we communicate.  I still beleive the client – advisor relationship is about trust and communication.  Becaue money is one of the most important things in our life, the relationship investors have with their advisors is a very important one.  I recently wrote and article about social media and how success will come from and advisors ability to engage or participate because at the end of the day it is still about relationships and communication.

Online dating has become a big business of it’s own.  Will this concept of meeting a financial advisor through a website work?  Only time will tell but from a technology and business perspective, it sure intrigues me.  What do you think?

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