When’s the last time you made a change to your website?  In my article “Websites are the new business card”  I talk about the basic static website. This is the basic starting point.  It’s kind of like the car with no options.  If you haven’t made changes to your site for a while and you are looking for ways to improve traffic, start by rethinking your site content. Here’s how:

1. Get some professional pictures on the site that really capture your personality.  When people work with financial advisors, they are entering into a long term relationship.  If you were on the other side of the table, wouldn’t you want to know who you were going to work with beyond just the business criteria?  Pictures are a great way to express yourself and remember the word ‘professional’.  A picture your kids took at home from your $99 camera will probably look like a picture your kids took on a $99 camera.

2.  Make sure the content is relevant.  Having old RESP rules on your site is not good.  Keep site content fresh but also focused on the interest of your idea client.  Grab your prospects’ attention by talking about their biggest problem or concern.

3. Put some testimonials on your site.  Testimonials are a great way to build credibility, but actually demonstrating your expertise in articles, free teleseminars and online videos is even more convincing.

4. Stay in touch.  Give people the option to get more information.  Ask them to sign up for a newsletter or give them a special report for free.  When people are looking for products or services, they may want to check you out first by receving a newsletter.  Make sure you give subscribers the option to unsubscribe.

5. Keep it fresh. Keep prospects and clients coming back by regularly updating your site with fresh content. Give people a reason to come back to your site

6.  Become a filter of information.  One of the problems of the internet is there is too much information  A good service to offer is becoming a filter of good information for your clients.  With technology and social media, it has become easier than every to filter and communicate relevant information through twitter, facebook, blogs or just a dynamic links page on your website (The key word is ‘dynamic’).

The best site is one that is not static and changes with the times.  If you have not updated your site in a while, there is not better time than now to make some changes.

About Jim Yih

As a professional financial speaker, best selling author, columnist and financial expert, Jim is passionate about financial education and helping people make better decisions with money. Jim’s 20 years of experience in the financial industry helps people demystify investing, retirement, and personal finance. His passion is seen in his relentless development of financial education tools, resources and products including audio CDs and software programs. Jim spends most of his time helping employers and employees by bringing financial education into the workplace as a complement to existing benefit and wellness programs.