Jim Yih

Are you selling something on your website?

For most financial advisors, we sell services and financial products.  Although we can’t sell mutual funds online, we might be able to sell other products that enhance what we do as our primary activity.

For example, one of the ways to drive revenues and make your website profitable is to sell books.  It does not have to be your own book but it could be your favorite books.  You see this all the time.  There are so many books in the marketplace that people don’t know what to choose?  Too much choice has paralyzed people from making decisions.  As a professional in the financial industry people love to know what like to read.  People love seeing what other people are reading.  It’s an endorsement or testimonial.

Another idea is to market other people’s seminars, tools, book through affiliate programs.  Remember, it’s not just about making money, it’s about providing a worthwhile service or product to your clients.  Make sure it’s something you believe in.

In the end, we may not sell books, or seminars but we are still selling ourselves and our services.   Paypal came out with 5 Tips that can boost online sales. Although the list is geared to direct selling on the internet, indirect sellers can also benefit.

I thought this was a great list of tips.  If you are interested, I would encourage you to click on the link because they have some graphical examples but here’s the quick list:

1. Do make calls-to-action (CTAs) obvious

2. Do use an action colour for buttons

3. Do use the principle of proximity to group related items

4. Do control the flow in your design

5. Do use whitespace

Although these tips are great for e-commerce websites, these are great tips for any website.

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